Smart Initiative

Sat 05 August 2017 By Lionel


We might have a lot of things that we still haven't heard about and fish silage might be one of them. We might be surprised of how we can take some useful materials out of the waste of other animals like the fish.


To us, the size of the fish might be insignificant for us but they have a big contribution on how we can protect the environment. It is very helpful to make use of even the wastes of fishes and turn it into something useful. They are a big help into finding a less expensive source of protein for aquatic animals and is even healthier and cleaner than other brands. A lot can be saved when they opt to choose fish silage instead of synthetic proteins and help make seafood healthier to consume.


We are happy to have kind fishermen that chooses health than profit. This kind of process had long proven themselves to be more effective and cost efficient. We greatly benefit on this kind of process and we always thankful that we have a lot of options to choose something healthy and clean for ourselves and our family. We hope that we have more fishermen with smart initiative to provide us good food.